Raw Spice Bar Monthly Subscription

Today I am reviewing a monthly subscription service, Raw Spice Bar.   This company offers unique spices from around the world.  Each month they go to a new region to find spices that reflect every culture's cuisine.  Included in your monthly subscription will be recipes and ideas of how to use the spices.  You can also go to their website for additional recipes.  

Raw Spice Bar offers free shipping and below are the rates:

- Monthly - $6.00 - can cancel anytime
- 6 Months - $36.00
- Yearly - $66.00, plus one month free

This was sent to me for review and sharing.  All opinions are my own.
If you would like to check out Raw Spice Bar, you can go to their website www.rawspicebar.com and read all about their products and find very delicious recipes.

Bacon Potato Salad with Applewood Smoked Salt

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