Monday Favorite Gadget - Easy Read Measuring Colander

Today I am sharing another favorite kitchen gadget, a Pampered Chef Easy Read Measuring Colander.  This is so convenient to use when you are measuring and draining canned beans, vegetables and fruit that needs to be washed or drained for a recipe.  It can
also be used for canned chicken or tuna.  It allows you to measure your ingredients as you drain them.

This is from Pampered Chef and is available for $10.50 on their website or there is a similar version from Chef's Planet, a 3 Cup Measuring Colander, available on Amazon for $16.99.  It is available on Amazon Prime.   I will list links below.

It is plastic and dishwasher safe.

I purchased this product with my own money.  I am not being paid for a review and all opinions are my own.

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*Link to Pampered Chef Easy Read Measuring Colander

*Link to Chef’s Planet 3 Cup Measuring Colander

This can also be ordered directly from the Pampered Chef Website.

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